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color, material &

finish design

the design beyond the shape


Materials and

 Production processes

Learn the main characteristics of the most used materials and production processes in the
industries and gain even more AUTONOMY in your projects.

Color, material and finishes

We will talk about the importance of choosing the right materials, colors and finishes for the product to STAND OUT in the market.

Trends, mood boards, styles

Following a trend is not always the best way for a project to SUCCEED. Learn the reason why with me.

Know the audience and the context of the product

Creating the connection between the product and the consumer is the first step to build LOYALTY.

Conteúdo d cuso

Course content


Introduction to the design branch responsible for the analysis and selection of colors, materials and finishes used in the projects.


CLASS 01. Introduction to CMF Design
What is CMF Design; Development stages; Professional profile, training and areas of expertise; The importance of CMF in product development; The difference between Color & Trim and CMF terms.


CLASS 02. Target audience, research and background
The importance of research in the project; Understanding consumer generations; The main types of research used in CMF Design.

Bonus content: The 15 websites that CMF Design professionals most use.


CLASS 03. Mood boards, creation of inspiration panels

Tools for creating inspiration panels; Impact of the mood board in the development of the project; The main types of panels that are used; Where to look for references.

Did you like the content? See more information about the course:

- The first class is free and already available (see the link below);

- Classes recorded with high quality and post production;

- The course will be availabe for one year;

- Certificate after course completion;

and more... 

- Exclusive content of In Loco and Backstage events, our two platforms focused on professionals and companies;
- Feel free to comment in class and also contact me if you need any support or have any questions;
- You have 20 days to cancel if you are unhappy with something and get your money back.

Is this course for you?

Logotipo da marca


CMF designer

I will guide the students through the universe of Color Material and Finish Design, bringing theoretical knowledge based on the literature, but also the daily practice in a professional life with a global point of view of the Design process.

I am graduated in Product Design from UEMG and FMU-SP. I also took courses in Technology of textile processes and Colorimetry at SENAI SP and Design for Manufacturing at AoCubo Design. I won the 1º place in the Young Scientist National Award in 2012 with a smart fabric project that is under patent.

My motto? Knowledge is never too much!

So, shall we go on this journey together?



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